Varamin Jame’ Mosque

How to reach: You can get off in Rey metro station on the red metro line, then take a cab or go to terminal to take a bus to Varamin town. Then you can take another cab to Varamin Jame mosque. We recommend you to take a cab from Rey metro station.

How old is it? It dates back to 13th century and Ilkhanid period.

Suggestions: You can visit Imamzadeh Yahya and Ala-ol-dowleh Tower in the town. Ala-ol-dowleh tower is in a walking distance and Imamzadeh Yahya has some great ornaments inside.

Jāmeh Mosque of Varāmīn ,Congretation mosque of Varamin, Friday mosque of Varamin or Grand mosque of Varamin is the grand, congregational mosque of Varamin city, within the Tehran Province of Iran. This mosque is one of the oldest buildings of Varamin city. Its construction began during the reign of’ Sultan Mohammad Khodabaneh and was completed during his son’s rule Sultan Abu Sa’eed. This building consists of a Shabestan, portico, large brick dome, the structure beside shabestan and ten small arches along with one large arch in the middle.

File:Varamin Grand Mosque - Details on the main Arch.JPG

Tiles and gereh-chini brickwork of the building (Wikipedia)

File:Varamin Grand Mosque - Exterior.JPG

Exterior (Wikipedia)

File:Varamin Grand Mosque - Details on the Main Arch.JPG

Tiling and brickwork under Iwan (Wikipedia)

File:Courtyard of Jameh Mosque complex in Varamin.jpg

Inner courtyard (Wikipedia)

File:Auxiliary vault of Jameh Mosque in Varamin.jpg

Brickwork and stucco (Wikipedia)

Source: Wikipedi (English)

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